About Mya

Financing healthcare is a common concern for many patients in need of extensive treatment.  Mya Health Credit helps individuals receive interest loans for planned medical procedures. As enablers of better health we help patients who may not be able to bear the full treatment costs all at once by facilitating medical financing at with easy installments. Our vast network covers a wide range of specialties and procedures at several locations including some of India’s leading healthcare companies, hospitals and clinics.

With the growth of specialized healthcare in India and healthcare services becoming increasingly expensive, the challenge for most Indians lies in accessing healthcare in India at affordable prices.

At Mya Health Credit our goal is simple; to make healthcare in India accessible and affordable giving you the opportunity to take your family’s healthcare into your own hands.  The medical financing loans are provided through Tata Capital, these loans are specifically for financing healthcare in India for patients.  Payment is made directly to the healthcare companies or providers.